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About the Pastor


Roosevelt Brant III was born on August 1, 1973. He is a native of Philadelphia, a devoted son, and a loving father of one daughter. He is the second oldest of four siblings, two sisters and one brother. As one who has always had a love and concern for the well being of people, his Christian upbringing and a strong faith ethic demanded a moral presence beginning early in his life.


At age 13, Mr. Brant surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and immediately joined the Church Of God In Christ, Inc. under Bishop O.T. Jones Jr. He endeavored to enhance his knowledge of the Bible weekly through hours of reading and a diligent studying of the Bible, along with various supporting reference material. Filled with a newfound enthusiasm for Jesus Christ, Mr. Brant rapidly became a faithful and viable collaborator to his pastor and to the congregation. He appeared to gravitate toward anything that could augment his awareness of life principals taught in the Bible. At age 16, he was appointed, and trained as a Deacon and within the same year was appointed Sunday School Teacher.


In 1990, at age 17, while in his last year of high school, he entered into the Manna Bible Institute. It was here that he received his certification in Biblical Studies and preached his trial sermon one year later. Mr. Brant additionally studied Pastoral Care and was a member of the Chaplaincy program at the Hospital of University of Pennsylvania, where he received a Certificate of Completion. Later, he completed courses in Biblical Counseling and Eschatology. Immediately after fulfilling what he considered his obligatory duty to the Lord and to himself, he pursued a college degree at Temple University majoring in journalism. Mr. Brant answered God's call to the gospel ministry at a young age and was later licensed, ordained, and consecrated as an ordained minister through the Church of God in Christ, Inc., under the Bishopric of The Reverend Chandler David Owens.


In relation to community affairs, Mr. Brant founded the Integrity Community Development Center, a non- profit organization, which serves as a haven of hope for the less fortunate, the organization fulfills nutritional needs and personal care items to more than three hundred families throughout the Philadelphia area. In addition to Mr. Brant's good-hearted nature to support the needy families of the community, he has worked with Director/Producer Tony Lankford for brand new television program called "Mentour2Freedom." Mentour2Freedom is a television show brought to you from the city of Philadelphia, which will concentrate on dissimilar subject matters with the primary focus being placed on the headship roles of men, male immorality, family, and life ideology. Mentour2Freedom's Motto is, "It's always been our time, but now it's our turn", as we heal, foster, and escalate together. We seek to be effective in our contributions to restoring and preserving life, health, and strength in our families. With an adrenaline and passion for the holistic advancement of the Body of Christ, Mr. Brant is currently finishing his first book entitled "Releasing the Spirit of Wealth", which reveals God’s biblical covenant laws for residual financial blessing.


In 2012, after a year of being Interim Pastor, Mr. Brant was unanimously voted Senior Pastor of Charity Baptist Church in Philadelphia. Mr. Brant is presently serving as Founding Pastor of Integrity Christian Fellowship, which he founded in 1999. He also serves as Director of Examinations and Executive Secretary for the True Word Ministries Fellowship of Churches Inc, under the prelature of the Bishop David E. Caldwell Sr. Mr. Brant’s peculiarity lies within his distinct style in not only transmitting Gospel truth, but translating it to the fullest. Appealing to the educated and uneducated, Reverend Brant is a wordsmith in His own rite. His oratorical ability captures his hearers, matched only by a life of Integrity, which makes him an appreciable gift to the Lords Body, the Church.


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